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About APEX

About APEX

ImageAsian People's Exchange (APEX) is a Japanese non-governmental organisation (NGO) committed to improving the lives of Asian people through environmentally sound development. Since its establishment in 1987, APEX has collaborated with Indonesian NGOs, implementing projects such as low-cost housing, vocational training in machine-works, waste water treatment and biomass energy development. Innovating on the development of appropriate technologies, which fit local socio-economic conditions, APEX has introduced economically-viable, effective solutions to environmental and socio-economic issues in Asia.

We are aiming to

Our policy

1. Support Local NGO in Asia

Based on the concept that problems such as disparity between rich and poor, environmental destruction in Asian countries should be solved by local people themselves, APEX make much of initiative of local NGOs conducting needs oriented activities of the local society.

2. Put priority on problem solving activities

APEX put priority on problem solving activities rather than criticize the problems.

3. Focus on appropriate technologies

In order to implement the problem solving activities, APEX makes much of development and diffusion of appropriate technologies which fit local socio-economical conditions, acceptable to local people, and as such meet with the necessity of the society where the technology is utilized.

4. Make much of multi-sectoral cooperations

In order to develop and diffuse the appropriate technologies, APEX makes much of multi-sectoral cooperation among NGOs, private companies, universities, as well as governmental organizations in Japan and other Asian countries.




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