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"Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification with Clay Catalyst"
- An Innovative and Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia -

Advantages of the Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification with Clay Catalyst

  1. Biomass can be gasified at relatively low temperature (650-750 deg.C) without tar emission.
  2. High calory gas mainly consisted of hydrogen and carbon monoxide is available. The product gas can be used as fuel for diesel engine, gas engine or fuel cell for power generation as well as raw gas for synthesizing liquid fuel such as methanol.
  3. Drastically low cost (less than 10%) compared with ordinary thermochemical conversion technologies.
  4. Mixture of ash and spent catalyst (clay) as byproduct is suitable for returning to soil for ensuring sustainable production of biomass.
  5. Flexible in terms of scale, that is, can be applied for plants from small scale (50-100kW) to medium-large scale (more than 2,000kW) .

Biomass gasification pilot plant
Biomass gasification pilot plant (25kW) built at Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Toward Decentralized Energy Supply

 Because of its extended land area and abundant vegetation by active photosynthesis, Indonesia is advantageous for developing biomass energy. Various biomass resources such as palm plantation wastes, agricultural waste from rice, maize and cassava, logging waste etc are available. Also, it is attractive to grow energy crops in deforested land for producing biomass and at the same time for restoring the place. Biomass is distributed universally, therefore appropriate for developing small scale distributed energy supply industries in harmony with agriculture and forestry. Also, the industries are suitable for being arranged by community in participatory way. The technology now being developed by APEX and the Collaborators makes energy use of biomass feasible for its cheapness and high quality of product gas and can be used widely in Asian countries including Indonesia and Japan.

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