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"Fluidized Bed Biomass Gasification with Clay Catalyst"
- An Innovative and Appropriate Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia -

Toward Sustainable Society

 Development and economic growth in the 20th Century has been largely depending on mass consumption of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal. However, in order to avoid global warming primarily caused by emission of carbon dioxide from burning of fossil fuels, and in order to avoid the depletion of these natural resources, the same consumption pattern will not be permitted in this century. Also it is doubtful whether the way of life & production based on the exploitative consumption of the natural resources really makes us happy or not. It is necessary that we drastically switch our sources of energy from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable ones, as well as reflect and change our life style & the way of production to more environmentally friendly ones.

Innovating on the Development of Appropriate Technology

Example of organic waste, Empty Fruit Bunch of oil palm APEX(Asian People's Exchange) in collaboration with TUAT(Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), YDD(Yayasan Dian Desa, The Light of Village Foundation) and BPPT has been developing an innovative gasification technology of biomass which is appropriate to Asian countries. Taking factors of sophisticated modern technology as well as making use of locally available raw materials and arranging the technology as simple one, the new conversion technology of biomass that is capable of producing high quality gas efficiently at lowest cost is being developed. By this technology, nearly all kind of biomass can be utilized as raw material and the product gas can be used not only for power generation but also for synthesis of liquid fuel such as methanol. In addition, sustainable reproduction of biomass can be ensured by recycling the byproducts to soil. The technology can be applied in wide range of scenes including energy supply from organic wastes, growing and harvesting biomass for energy in deforested land, distributed participatory energy production by community etc.

Potential of Biomass Energy

 Among the renewable energy resources, biomass energy is characterized by its huge potential. The following figure shows an estimation of world natural energy potential which demonstrates that three kinds of biomass energy in green color account for more than half of the total potential. Among the future energy supply scenarios by IPCC(Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for low CO2 emission, there is a one in which biomass covers nearly half of the world energy supply in the year 2100. In addition, different from other natural energy resources such as solar photovoltaic or wind energy which can only provide electricity, biomass is advantageous because it can be converted into not only electricity but also to gas, liquid or solid fuel.

an estimate of global potentials of renewable energy

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